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At the  StarPower Factory (formerly known as Nimbus Media Group) we manage your brand/project needs in a way that saitsfies the now and aligns you with the future.  Our mission is to work with you based on where your business is headed and provide the  support that will help you reach your goals.  We are more than just free spirited artistans, creatives and developers.  From the leadership to the back office everyone shares the same vigilence and dedication to execellence.

We have a strong understanding of both the technology and the real world applications of Film, Music Production, 3D Design for custom creative solutions.  By providing an all in one solution we are able to maintain the continuity and integrity of the project while reducing budget cost. Our consultants extend a red carpet level of service to all of our clients by integrating custom solutions with marketing that yields measurable results.  Each project is assigned a unique set of solutions that meet all of our client objectives by utilizing only industry standard best practices as well as the best technology / resources available.

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